The Moral Imperative to Defeat Hillary Clinton

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As I speak, we are nearing the eve of the most important election of our lifetime. From the perspective of universal morality, there’s so much at stake here for us and our children that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Then let’s start with the obvious. We’re looking to put someone into public office as President of the United States—the most powerful position in the world.

We’ve heard repeatedly from the liberal press how Donald Trump is unfit for that office. Why? Because, they tell us, in his private life he has shown himself to be impulsive and crude; he’s said things to and about women that are most ungentlemanly; some of his business ventures have ended in bankruptcy, and so on. But he has also built businesses, and succeeded by pleasing thousands of customers in highly competitive markets. To do that, he’s created thousands of job opportunities for people. Let’s face it: there aren’t many of us who can come remotely close to being able to say that of ourselves.

But all of that is about his private life, not his public service, because he has never held a public position. And while he may give us pause as to whether he might start regrettable trade wars, he also has come out in favor of substantially lower taxes and regulations for us and our businesses, to give us a fighting chance to turn this country around, so that our children will have a fair shot at earning their way to the middle class prosperity that has made America so strong and vibrant and special among nations.

None of this can be said of Hillary Clinton. For thirty years now, she has distinguished herself as a deeply corrupt human being, an ill-tempered person who uses and abuses her positions of public power for her own selfish gain. Her scandals date far back to her days as the first lady of Arkansas, and extend to her time as first lady of the United States under Bill Clinton’s presidency. Then, of course, we’ve been exposed to her scandals as Secretary of State, from her lies about Benghazi—“It’s the videotape!”—to her lies about the Wikileaks documents—“It’s the Russians!” Biggest of all has been her conscious decision to expose classified information to being hacked by foreign enemies, so that she could conceal her “pay for play” abuses of her position as secretary of state to amass a fortune in donations to the Xlinton Foundation.

She lies about being for women and for blacks and for Hispanics, when she is in it for herself, period. How do we know? Let us count the ways.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise our taxes—already the highest in the so-called free world—and raise them steeply, and she intends to double-down on entitlement handouts. But how will this actually help our poorer minorities and their children to climb the ladder of opportunity, so they can share in our middle-class prosperity? It won’t. If anything, her policies will only worsen the anemic performance of our economy under Obama.

Then there’s education. Hillary will be another champion of the teachers unions and the education status quo that has so miserably failed us and our children—all of our children, but especially our minority children. She couldn’t care less about those black parents who have fought so hard for their children to have the benefit of charter schools and vouchers to attend private schools. She would rather keep them prisoners of those horrible inner-city public schools.

And a Hillary Clinton presidency almost certainly will mean a bigger, more intrusive federal Department of Education. If you’ve been appalled by Michelle Obama’s audacity at dictating school lunch menus, then brace yourself, because Hillary can be expected to push for the new common core curriculum, which the feds have seized from the states, and through which our children will be indoctrinated to believe in America the evil nation, in socialism, in big top-down government, and in the lie that it’s immoral for us to try to earn profits by pleasing one another better. So our children will continue to score far below their foreign peers in math, science, logic, and so much more.

No worries, though, because Hillary will force us to send them all to college anyway, even though they’re not prepared, and even though many should be devoting their efforts elsewhere. In the meantime, we’ll have a gargantuan tab to pay for all of those empty degrees, after which the graduates will find that there are no jobs waiting for them, because we’ve killed economic growth.

As for government driving up costs and reducing quality, there’s health care—and Obamacare—to consider. Forget about restoring the morality of the market, by getting government out of health care, with vouchers and health savings accounts that allow us to make our own health care decisions. Big government will do it for us. And hasn’t it done a terrific job under Obamacare? Out of this colossal mess, Hillary will push for the single-payer system she wanted back in 1993. Say hello to socialized medicine, with its long waits, poor quality, and lack of meaningful innovation.

Then there’s the border. With Hillary, the border will remain open, with sanctuary cities and a level of lawlessness never seen in this nation. And, as we’ve experienced under Obama, we’ll continue to know next to nothing about the persons who are entering this country. Are they here to hurt us or steal from us? Are they here for handouts? Or are they here to make a better future through hard work and assimilation to our values? We’ll have no way of telling. But no matter what, Hillary will press for them to get voting rights, because she expects them to vote for her.

How about race relations? They’ve gone into the gutter under our first black president—even though so many of us hoped that Obama would make the effort to heal past divisions. If anything, he’s worsened them. So imagine Hillary as our first woman president. After four years, will men and women still be on speaking terms?

The fact is that Hillary Clinton is very much a modern liberal democrat. She pushes us-versus-them divisiveness to get votes. Never mind the carnage in our lost opportunities to forge empathic bonds that cross racial, ethnic, and gender lines. She is all-in for “identity politics,” which depends on keeping us split into groups locked in bitter and unending disputes.

Then, to cement her big-government in-your-face policies, Hillary will rely on a highly politicized Supreme Court. Kiss your economic freedom goodbye, and say hello to the Western version of the Soviet Union—America with a “k.” That’s where we’ll be with one more liberal justice, because there are already four sitting justices prepared to rule that the federal government can make us buy, sell, and produce anything it wants. This might sound like slavery to you—because it is—but the justices will rule otherwise. By the time Hillary’s Supreme Court gets finished rewriting our Constitution’s First, Second, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments, we’ll scarcely recognize this place.

While we’re at it, let’s kiss the rule of law goodbye. We’ve already gotten a foretaste of a Hillary Clinton administration in the corruption of the FBI, the Department of Justice, the IRS, and the Department of State. Hillary considers herself above the law, and that’s how she’ll continue to see herself. Once upon a time, we let a sitting President named Richard Nixon know that he was not above the law. But that was then, right?

Okay, maybe all of this sounds just fine to you. But if it does, how can you seriously claim to be someone who genuinely cares about our Nation, our children, and our future?

The American Dream, of being in a land in which anyone could, through education and hard work, elevate herself or himself into our prosperous middle class, is dying. But it’s not finished yet. And it will never be finished so long as we, the people, rise up to stand for it, and to stand against those who would tear it down. It is a moral imperative that we come together and act now.

To those who say “vote your conscience,” I say your conscience must be a moral force, or it isn’t a true conscience at all. For better or worse, this election has come down to a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. From the standpoint of universal morality, Mr. Trump has to be the better choice.

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