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“[T]he guiding principle of Moralnomics—that giving begets getting for the good of us all—enables us to climb the ladder of human advancement.  At higher rungs, this principle plays a critical role in empowering us to form democratic governments and to fashion reasonable rules for living together.”  Page 25.

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“Over the course of the past 180 years, we have found ever more ways to please one another better, and better than any other people have done in all of recorded history.  The Industrial Revolution … has enabled us to increase average per-capita wealth for everyone on the planet approximately 900 percent (in constant dollars), while more than doubling average life span.”  Chapter 9.

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“We must remember that no matter how smart our students may be, they are only on the front end of the learning curve of life, making them easy marks for sophistry masquerading as wisdom.”  Chapter 20.


“In the end, though, the best way to combat crime is to stop raising criminals in our midst.  For, while reasonable minds may differ as to the best means to deter crime, on this much we all surely can agree: no criminals, no crimes.”  
Chapter 23.

Moralnomics Chapter 1 - Blaine Winship
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